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How To Visually Inspect Garage Door Springs

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The springs on your garage door play an important role. If they develop a problem, then your door simply won't work the way it should. It might not open and close correctly. It might not even work at all.

It's worth checking your door's springs regularly. You should also take a look at the springs if your door starts malfunctioning. Many garage door problems come from faulty springs.

What should you look for when you make a visual check?


Your first visual check should be for obvious signs of damage. Springs work under a lot of stress, so they can sometimes crack, break, or wear.

So, look for signs that the springs aren't intact. This damage is often minor to start with, but it will get worse if you continue to use the door without repairing or replacing the spring.


Metal garage door springs can corrode and rust if they aren't regularly maintained. Rust is a potentially big problem here. If a metal spring starts to rust, then it will ultimately break without treatment. The rust will eat through the metal.

So, look for signs of rust on your springs. Even small spots need further investigation. In some cases, you might be able to remove the rust; in others, you might need a new spring.


Garage door springs should be coiled together evenly and tightly. If a spring has a larger gap between two coils than usual, then it is damaged. Its tension won't be even any longer.

While the spring might not break when it has some separation, it won't necessarily work well. The tension pull and stretch in the spring won't be spread across it evenly. Your door might jolt when it opens and closes. Or, it might stick.


Garage door springs should be taut. When your door is closed, they should sit in position in an even line.

Sometimes springs lose tension. All their coils will look stretched. The spring might hang down when it isn't being used rather than sitting in its line. These tension problems prevent the spring from operating smoothly. It might not have the tensile strength to hold the door when you try to open or close it.

Finally, if you have two springs on your door, then make sure to compare them during your check. If one spring looks different from the other, then it could have a problem.

Contact a garage door spring repair service for more information.