Choosing A Better Garage Door

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Need A New Garage Door? Know What Kinds You Have To Pick From

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Is your existing garage door in need of replacement? If so, you may use this opportunity as a way to install a new type of garage door that looks and functions better. Here are some choices of garage doors that you have to pick from.

Single-Layer Doors

The most basic type of garage door is known as a single-layer door. As the name implies, there is only one layer of material separating the inside of your garage from the outside. There is a hollow back to the material rather than insulation. This type of door is affordable and will get the job done, especially if you have a detached garage. 

Double-Layer Doors

Double-layer doors are essentially single-layer doors, but they have a vinyl-coated polystyrene insulation panel on the back of them. This will give your garage some more energy efficiency for a slightly higher price. This type of door will be better than a single-layer door if you have an attached garage because it will better insulate the space and help with your home's energy efficiency against that shared wall of the garage.

Triple-Layer Doors

Triple-layer doors are also referred to as fully-insulated doors. They have that same layer of vinyl-coated polystyrene insulation on the back of the door, but it is covered with a steel interior. This makes the door a bit more solid because it has support on the rear side of the door. It will provide improved insulation, and look more finished from the inside. 

Four-Layer Doors

What makes a four-layer door different is that it takes the triple-layer door, but puts another layer on the rear side over the metal. This is often a more decorative piece of metal that improves the look of the interior of your garage and provides more insulation. However, you can also cover the front of the garage door with a wood veneer to make it look like a solid garage door, with the wood being the fourth layer.

Solid Wood Garage Doors

One of the most premium garage doors you can purchase is a solid wood garage door. It doesn't have any metal or insulation to make up the construction, since it's solid wood throughout the entire door. It will be more expensive than any of the other types of garage doors, but it is going to look and function great. 

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