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Reasons A Garage Door Warps And The Garage Door Repairs That Could Be Needed

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When you first notice your garage door bowing, you might think your eyes are playing tricks on you. However, bowing is a sign of warping, and it's a fairly common problem with garage doors. Here's why garage doors warp and some repairs that can fix the problem.

Why Garage Doors Warp

All kinds of garage doors can warp. The problem might be that the door is too heavy for a centralized garage door opener. Weather conditions can also cause a door to warp and bow. Even temperature differences between the outside of the door and the inside can cause the door to bow to the hotter side.

Why A Bowed Door Needs To Be Repaired

A bowed garage door may open and close normally at first, so you might delay having repairs done. However, if you wait, it's probably just a matter of time before your garage door develops more serious problems due to the bowing.

The shape of the door changes when it bows, and that affects how well the opener can lift the door and how well the door glides along the track. If the door isn't repaired, the door might jump the track or even cause damage to the springs, track, or opener. Plus, a bowed garage door looks odd and it detracts from the beauty of your property.

How Garage Door Repairs Might Be Done

The type of garage door repair you need depends on how badly the door is warped and what caused the problem. The repair technician might need to replace the door if the damage is bad enough. However, replacing the bowed panel might be all that's needed. In some cases, when the bowing is mild, the technician might sand down the panel to get rid of the bowing and then paint the garage door.

If the problem has been going on for a while, there could also be damage to the tracks that needs to be repaired. The technician might need to straighten bent areas of the track and tighten screws that worked loose. The garage door repair technician might also check the garage door spring to make sure it wasn't harmed by operating the door with a bowed panel.

Once the door has had the panel replaced or had other repairs done, the technician might look for ways to prevent the problem from happening again. They might recommend a more powerful garage door opener or they might add struts to the door to keep it from warping again.

The garage door repair technician might also suggest painting the door a lighter color if your door is dark. Your dark door might be absorbing heat if it is in full sun all day, and that might contribute to bowing.

Contact a company that offers garage door repair services to learn more.