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The Top Garage Door Summer Services

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What garage door services should you schedule in the summer? Whether your door is brand-new or decades-old, professional care can reduce wear and tear-related issues. Take a look at summer-time maintenance tasks that can increase overall safety and extend the life of your door.

1. Visual Inspection

With the warm weather, you won't need to rush in out of your garage to avoid the winter chill. This makes it possible to inspect the interior parts of the mechanism regularly. But if you don't know what to look for, you need a professional to help. Schedule a routine summer inspection annually. The technician can inspect the rollers, pulleys, cables, springs, and automatic openers for issues.

2. Hardware Lubrication

The dry winter weather can interfere with the normal moisture level in your garage. This can leave the door and its parts with little lubrication. Without proper lubrication, the parts of your opener and door can show signs of premature wear. While this is a maintenance activity some homeowners choose to do on their own, if you don't have expertise or experience working with garage doors, save this step for the professional.

The garage contractor has the knowledge and equipment necessary to safely and effectively lubricate the door's parts. Failure to use the right product or use the product correctly could pose health, injury, or damage risks.

3. Rust Removal

Winter weather and spring showers can leave rust on your door. Does your metal door have noticeable rust? If your door or the opener mechanism (and its moving parts) have rust, you need professional help. Rust is more than just an aesthetic issue. Even though it does detract from your garage door's look, it can ruin your door—leaving holes in the exterior.

A rusty buildup can also interfere with how the door works. Oxidation can weaken the door's cables, causing them to break. This poses a serious safety hazard. If your door's cables have significant rust buildup, the contractor may need to replace them during the service call.

4. Mechanism Tests

Balance, reversing mechanism, and photo-eye tests can help you to maintain a safe, well-functioning garage door. An off-balance door that doesn't reverse properly or a malfunctioning photo-eye could put you, your family, or your vehicle at risk. Like other door services, if you're not sure how to conduct these tests, contact a professional. The door technician can identify problems and recommend repairs.