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Small Signs That You Need To Have Your Garage Door Repaired

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While your garage door is a fairly simple system, there are signs that your system needs to be repaired before it breaks down completely. The opener might be straining, causing your door to open very slowly. The tracks need to be perfectly even, or you can have issues opening and closing your door. Even a pebble in one of your tracks can stop your door from opening all the way. When you need your tension springs adjusted, the door won't stay all the way open. Each of these issues aren't a big deal, but they can lead to a system failure if you don't have the issue repaired in time.

Your Opener Needs Some Help

An automatic garage door opener will last about 15 years. If you notice that your garage door opener is straining to open your door, it could be a problem with your tension spring. If your spring isn't tight enough, it won't be able to help your opener hold the weight of the door as it openers. Call for a garage door repair company to investigate the problem, as you should never touch your tension springs on your own. You may need a new opener, to have your tension springs adjusted, or both when your opener isn't working properly.

Track Repairs and Your Automatic Garage Door

Your track can get bent if it gets hit, generally causing the need for a replacement. Track brackets can get loose and fall off because of the vibration caused when the door opens and closes. If a bracket falls and you keep opening and closing your door, this can cause the track to bend too. If you can't figure out where the problem is, get the garage door repair you need to get your tracks working right.

If Your Door Won't Stay Open

Your garage door is held open by the tension springs. If the spring is loose, your door will shut a bit when in the open position. This requires help, as the tension spring can snap without warning. If this occurs, you can end up with a garage door that slams to the ground. Avoid an injury, and get the garage door repairs you need.

Track problems, photo sensor issues, and the door not shutting all the way mean you need to have your door further inspected. Stay away from your tension springs, and contract a garage door repair specialist to get your door working well again.