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Your Garage Door And Home Security

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Your garage can be a weak link in your home's security. When a burglar tries to come through a window, it can make a lot of noise, the neighbors may see them, and they will end up in the middle of a room not knowing what they have just walked into. When a burglar tries to enter through a door, it can take them a while to get past the door, and they won't know if they are walking into the wrong end of a shotgun when they go over that threshold. However, when a burglar can quickly and quietly break into your garage, they can steal everything they want from the garage. Then, they can listen at the door leading into the house to make sure it sounds quiet in there. They can take their time getting through the door, and carefully enter the home where they can burglarize the house as well. This is why you need to take all the steps you are able to in order to best secure your garage door.

Check your garage door opener

The first thing you want to do is make sure your garage door remote isn't putting you at a greater risk of being victimized. You can find information on your remote control by removing the plastic piece that covers the light. If you find your remote was made before 1993, then you really need to replace it with an updated one. These older models are very easy for criminals to duplicate, so they can use another remote that's been programmed to open your garage door. This allows them to open the door as if they live at your home, and most people won't pay any attention to a garage door opening. If you are gone for a while, they can end up robbing you of all your valuables.

Protect your remote control

Most remote controls come with a clip that makes it very convenient to leave it clipped on the sun visor. However, when you leave the remote like this, it makes it easy for someone to get the remote out of your car. If you both live in the area, they may already know where your car lives, they can follow you home to see where you live, or they can do some research online and possibly find out your address. More likely, they will grab something out of the glove compartment that has your address on it. With this information and your opener, they can get in when they want. This is why you never want to leave your remote where someone can get to it.

Keep your garage door in good condition

Make sure you have a strong garage door that's in great working order. If the garage door is in need of any repairs, stay on top of them. Make sure any windows along the top of the garage are secured in place. Unplug the motor to your garage door when you go on vacation so someone can't hack your remote and open the garage with one.

For more information and tips, contact your local garage door repair company today.