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Pets and Garage Doors: What Owners Should Know

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Keeping your furry family member safe is important, especially when it comes to your garage door. A simple mistake could leave your dog or cat injured, and a curious pet could even cause damage to your door. Learn how you can keep your garage door in good condition and keep your pet protected. 

Keep an Eye Out

Always keep an eye out on the whereabouts of your pet. It is essential you are present whenever your pet is in the garage. For example, if you have a cat, the animal could easily climb up onto the door's tracks and if someone were to open the door, the cat could be injured. 

It's also essential to ensure the animal is not gnawing away at the door. When you know where your pet is at all times, you can rest assured they aren't causing any damage or in any harm. Your best bet is to discourage garage play altogether. 

Inspect the Sensors

Regularly check the condition of your garage door sensors. The sensors ensure that the door opens and closes correctly. The door sensors are typically located just at the base of the door's tracks, on each side. Unfortunately, this is right at eye level for many pets. 

Your pet might be curious and hit their paws onto the sensor and cause it to turn. If the sensors are not perfectly aligned, your door will not close correctly, so ensure your pet doesn't rotate them. Additionally, if your pet hits the sensors too aggressively, it could dislodge the wires. You'll need to contact a garage door repair service in this instance. 

Install a Reverse Mechanism

It's critical you have a reverse mechanism installed on your garage door. If you live in an older home with an older garage door, your system may not have this important update. A reverse mechanism will force the garage door to reopen whenever it comes in contact with an object while closing. 

Even if the door just gently taps the object, it will automatically switch directions and open back up. Without this mechanism, your pet could be in risks of serious injury. In addition to pet safety, this mechanism is a great safety tool for the entire family. 

If your garage door is displaying concerning signs, ensure you contact a repair professional right away. A malfunctioning door is not just a threat to your pet's safety, but also to you and your family's safety.