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Reasons To Upgrade A Garage Door Automatic Opener

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One part of your home that will eventually need to be upgraded is the garage door automatic opener. This is a device that gets used multiple times per day, and the time will come where it stops working. However, you may want to consider replacement before that day happens. Here are some reasons to have your opener upgraded.

The Door Lacks Safety Features

If your home's garage door is really old, it's possible that it lacks the safety features that modern garage doors have. It was not until the mid-1990's that garage doors were required to have an electronic eye that stopped the door from closing if something crossed the path of the garage door, as well as the ability to go in reverse if the door came in contact with something.

Lacking these two safety features will mean that your door is not safe around children or pets. That is why it may be worth making the upgrade prematurely for your home.

The Door Has Poor Security

Another reason you should upgrade your garage door is because you want to improve the security. Those older garage doors were made with inferior technology, which actually allows someone to copy any signal that the garage door opener uses to activate the door. It can allow someone to take that signal and get easy access to the inside of your garage door.

Newer garage doors have better security, with them randomizing the signal needed between uses. The signal can no longer be copied, which helps keep your garage safe.

The Door Lacks Smart Access

You may want to upgrade your garage door so that you can get inside without having a garage door opener. This means installing a keypad outside your door where you only need to press a few numbers to get inside. This is great for those that bike to work or school and don't have the garage door opener on them at all times.

Newer garage doors allow you to operate it by using a smartphone application. It can even give you warnings if the garage door has been opened while you're not at your home, or if you happen to accidentally leave your garage door open at night.

For help installing a new garage door automatic opener, you'll need to work with a local garage door service company like Smartek Garage Doors. They can help you pick the right kind of opener, order it, and perform the entire installation for you.