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Best Ways To Use A Carless Garage

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Without a car in your garage, you might be wondering what to do with the extra space. Here are some ideas to get you started with brainstorming

Your Artist's Studio

Have you ever dreamed of having a place to work on your creative pursuits? Whether it's a painting you love, or music your heart is dying to create, a garage without a car can be the perfect place to get started.

An Extra Room

If you think that you don't have enough money to add on a guest room, consider that an underutilized garage may be perfect for this. It's perhaps not what you would think of as a glamorous stay, but with the right furnishings and some added windows, you may find yourself surprised at what a nice space it can turn into.

A Super Closet

Don't limit yourself to a few shelves on the walls and some stacks of boxes in the corner. Consider organizing your garage into a storage space that any hoarder would dream of. Get racks to hang bikes from the ceiling, stackable cubbies to easily rearrange wall storage, and some rollers for floor storage that can be moved out of the way quickly when you need to access a specific box.

A Business Space

Your garage could make for an excellent place to start up your business idea. Store inventory there for your ecommerce business, or set up a desk and have an office space with a very different vibe from the rest of your house; you won't have so many issues focusing when you're working from home. Just note that if you're truly going to do business out of your home, you'll need to look at commercial insurance options.

Think About Finishing Your Garage

So, a useful new room in your home is only a ways away. If you've got an unfinished garage at the moment, there are just a few things you should do to make the space more usable. The first is to get a garage door service team to ensure that the space is secure and well-insulated; this is the time to take a critical look at your door to ensure that it is right for the space. You will also want to look at garage heating arrangements; a space heater can work wonders if your HVAC system doesn't reach into the garage. Consider finishing wall and floor surfaces to make the space more like a regular part of your home. A few hundred dollars may be all that's needed to give your home even more value.

To learn more about ways to upgrade your garage door, contact a company that offers garage door service.