Choosing A Better Garage Door

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Features to Look for in Your New Garage Door

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If you would like an automatic garage door added to your property, it is important to understand the factors that you should consider when you are evaluating potential doors. Homeowners will often be solely focused on the appearance of the garage door, which can cause some problems or inconveniences. In particular, there are three factors that can be easy to overlook, but these features may provide invaluable benefits to your house.


A garage door is a very large component of any home. The large surface area of the door can make the garage prone to heat loss and gain. To compensate for this, it is possible to opt for a garage door that has ample insulation in it. This insulation will be able to drastically reduce energy efficiency issues. While an insulated garage door will be more expensive, the installation cost will be the same as for an un-insulated garage, and the energy efficiency gains from the insulation in the door will offset this higher expense.

Back-up Power Source

Occasional power outages are an unpleasant part of modern life, and they can be extremely disruptive to your home. If your garage door opener does not have a backup energy source, it may be inoperable until the power returns. While it is possible for you to have a secondary power source installed, there are many garage door systems that come with one of these backups built into them. This can prove to be a more economical option, and it will require less space as the battery backup is likely to be incorporated into the overhead unit.

Shatter-Resistant Windows

Having windows on the garage door can help to let light into the garage, and they can also provide you with a view outside. However, there are some individuals that will attempt to gain unauthorized entry to a home through the garage door. These individuals may smash the windows, but you can mitigate this threat by choosing a door that has shatter-resistant, reinforced glass for the windows. This type of glass will look indistinguishable from standard glass, but its security advantage can be sizable.  

Choosing the perfect garage door for your property will require you to understand the most important factors and features to consider. If you understand the way that an insulated garage door can help your home, the need to choose a system with a battery backup, as well as a door that has shatter-resistant windows, choosing the right door will be a much simpler task for you to do. If you have other questions, click here for more information.