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What Is Wrong With Your Automatic Security Gate?

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In most instances, automatic security gates open and close without issue. The occasional problem can occur, but more often than not, you can perform basic troubleshooting to remedy the situation. Here are some common problems that can occur with a security gate and what you can do to potentially repair it.  

Gate Does Not Close at the Appropriate Times

Automatic security gates sometimes operate on a timer. When the gate is not closing at the appropriate times, it could be possible that the timer settings need to be adjusted. Your owner's manual should provide you with the correct settings for the timer.  

In addition to checking the settings, you can also check the limit switch to ensure it is connected. The switch can sometimes become disengaged. If you do not know where the switch is located, refer to the diagram in your owner's manual.  

Gate Refuses to Open

The security gates operate on a track. If the gates are refusing to open, it could be the result of the track having an obstruction in the path of the gate's wheel bearings. Check the track and remove any obstructions that you notice.  

If there are no obstructions, check the condition of the track. Is the track damaged? If the track has damage, it will need to be professionally repaired. You should also check the condition of the wheel bearings. If the bearings are damaged, the gate will continue to refuse to open because it cannot smoothly glide along the track.  

Gate Closes Halfway and Then Reopens

Your automatic security gate is equipped with a sensor. The sensor is designed to detect if there are any obstructions along the path of the gate. The safety measure prevents the gate from closing on your car or a person. If the gate starts to close and then reopens, it is possible that the sensor is picking up on an obstruction. 

If the path of the gate is clear, it could be possible that the sensors are not properly placed. Over time, it is possible for the sensors to lose their position. You can move the sensors into the correct position. While moving the sensors, it is a good time to clean them. Clean sensors are more likely to function properly.  

If the automatic security gates continue to have problems, contact your contractor. He or she can inspect the gates, diagnose the issue, and resolve it.