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How To Create A Cozy Guest Retreat In Your Garage

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If you don't already use your garage on a regular basis to house your car or store belongings, the space can be turned into a cozy guest retreat that offers plenty of space for privacy. Luckily, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive renovations in order to get the job done – the truth is that most of the leg work can be done by you. You can incorporate the following steps to make the process of creating a comfortable and safe guest pretty painless:

Get a New Garage Door

Replacing your garage door is an effective way to transform your garage into a private guest retreat. Choose a garage door that has an inset door to walk through and at least one window that allows natural light to flow through it. Your new garage door will provide guests with light during the daytime, just like any room in your home would, and enable them to come and go as a they please without having to walk through the main house every time.

Look for garage doors that feature insulation within the interior, as well as a weather flap along the bottom that will help keep air from flowing through the small gap between the door and the floor when the door is fully closed. You should also have the hardware, installation accessories, and tracts on your garage door weatherproofed during installation to ensure optimal performance and weather protection long term. You should be able to have your garage door painted to match the color of your home before it's delivered and installed. Painting the door will make your guest space look more like an extension of your home as opposed to just another garage.

Improve Interior Temperature Control

One of the most important aspects of creating a guest retreat is implementing temperature control to ensure that visitors stay comfortable when they spend time in the space. If your home is like most, the HVAC system is likely not incorporated into your garage and won't do your guests much good throughout the year. The good news is that you don't have to have your contractor expand your HVAC system in order to improve temperature control in your garage guest room.

Instead, you can simply install a ceiling fan to keep temperatures cool and comfortable during the summer, and warm and cozy during the winter. Set the fan to run counterclockwise in the summer to create a constant breeze in the space to keep things cool all day. In the winter, program the fan to run clockwise to keep the cold and warm air from separating, which will ensure that temperatures don't drop too low, especially at night.

Create a Studio Setting

Setting the space up like a studio apartment will make it easy for your guests to maintain complete privacy when they want it, as well as make food when they're hungry without having to feel like they're infringing on your personal space. Start by installing a utility sink in a corner of the garage and then incorporate floating shelves near it at about waist-height. Place a mini fridge under the shelves and put a microwave, hot plate, and coffee maker on top of the shelves to complete your kitchenette feature.

On another wall in the space, create an entertainment center using a bookshelf or two so there is room for books, movies, board games, and entertainment accessories. Incorporate two hide-a-bed couches into the space to accommodate a small family's sleeping and lounging needs. You can also place a small desk near the door leading to the interior of your house that can be used as a home office by yourself when guests aren't visiting.

With the help of these methods and techniques, you should be able to keep your guests happy and comfortable throughout their entire visit.